To encourage our supporters in taking advantage of this opportunity to show their appreciation by giving, here is what Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition is searching for...

  • Donors who can make a difference in our Latino community philanthropic programs
  • Donors who are motivated in creating a high social impact results in our Latino communities
  • Donors who are devoted to contributing their charitable support to the services FLCI provides to our Latino communities
  • Donors who will remain motivated and enthusiastic about a continued partnership with Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition and take-a-stand to be recognized and appreciated in a social or professional network
  • Donors who are open to new opportunities and can embrace and develop a passion, vision and dedication to our Latino communities-at-large
  • Donors who can encourage other donors to foster support for the Latino communities and nurture those relationships by promoting FLCI and its Philanthropic programs

To help our donors choose between multiple social causes that empower our Latino communities, here are our philanthropic programs that are of interest to you:


  • Latino Community Leadership Development
  • Latino Community/Civic Enhancement
  • Latinos in Philanthropy

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  • Latino Arts, Theatre, Music and Culture
  • Latino Social Justice and Public Policy

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  • Latino Youth Empowerment

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  • Latino Community Economic Independence
  • Philanthropy Journalism

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  • Donor special interest

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Your contribution is tax-deductible. FLCI is a 501(c)(3) public charity (tax ID# 06-1594331).

To our Supporters and Volunteers:

Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc., would like to thank you for not only being part of our team, but who throughout the years have helped advance our mission and have been faithful in your contributions to the lives of our Latino communities. Every year has been an accomplished year because of your enthusiasm and willingness to support the vision of Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc., your donation, time and efforts are matchless. Your passion and commitment to engage with our Latino communities is what encourages Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc. to continue to believe in the work we do in human services, community development, capacity building and leadership enhancement in our Latino communities at large.


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