Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc. is a social benefit and philanthropic organization established in 1999 and recognized as a 501 (c) 3 organization in 2001; founded by Dr. Jacqueline Torres, CEO and President of the company.

Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc. administration is handled by volunteer board members and members-at-large who volunteer their time to enhance our business plan, organizational capacity, budget and philanthropic programming, while strategically planning for future events and envisioning the reshaping of the Latino communities-at-large.

Throughout the years we've realized that our clients come from all walks-of-life, speaking two different languages and having various needs ranging from where's the nearest shelter to building their own community-based organization.

Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc. [La Organización Feliz©] has been recognized for its caring and giving spirit. If we don't know the answer we'll find it for you, if we don't provide the services, we'll get you in touch with one who does. Because of being able to be a bridge for our Latino communities, La Organización Feliz© has been able to gain trust, confidence and interest in various programming that we know we can offer and that are beneficial to our Latino communities.


Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc. is very proud of its accomplishments throughout the years and the impact that it has achieved in the Latino communities. We have worked for many years with many organizations and other non-profits on a local, regional and national level to assist community based organizations in conducting outreach to the Latino communities and implementing successful leadership and community outreach programs.

We received many awards and recognition for our technical assistance and successful work in the Latino communities. It has been recognized as a highly respected and successful organization worthy of being trusted by the Latino community to assist in furthering the mission of developing them into successful leaders on a regional and national level. Our events are custom tailored to the Latino audience where we address the social cause of business education for future Latino entrepreneurs while continuing to build their Brand preference with Hispanic/Latino market. We conduct the events in Spanish and in a talk-show format with live interview which includes Latino leaders who represent education, health and human services, arts, music and culture. We target the Latino small businesses, community-based organizations, non-profit/social benefit organizations and faith-based organizations.

Many times funding is given to well established highly recommended nonprofit organizations while neglecting Latino small business owners whose primary language is Spanish and who do not get to benefit from the different sources and resources currently existing in the community because of not being able to understand the English language or for lack of having a proper understanding of the resources that are available to business owners from the Latino community; often leaving them out of the process, being misinformed or finding out by trial and error. Many local faith-based organizations partner with community organizations to create awareness about environmental issues, establish minority support groups, and raise funds for improving the lives of our under-served communities.

Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc. has enhanced and impacted the Latino nonprofit organizations by providing community leadership training to over 1400 leaders in the northeast region who provide critical services to low and moderate income individuals. Leadership development is vital to the education of the Latino entrepreneurs because it sets the stage for strong leaders to achieve greater impact for their constituents. Developing successful leaders is a necessity for the entire Latino community. We understand that in order to enhance the Latino community and create economic independence, we need to invest in the Latino leadership capacity. It is why we have developed our Philanthropic Programs to include communal activities that engages individuals from the Latino communities while creating short-term outcomes, which creates unity through our Latino culture in a safe environment where it is appreciated and understood, through our language because it is an immediate connect to our spirit and our means, through our communities although dispersed and extended, we are always flexible to return to our roots. Our long-term outcome is envisioning the reshaping of the world we live in with Empowered. Accomplished. Latinos.

Our collective public impact is that Latino Activists will emerge addressing the social justice issues that impact our Latino communities. The Latino community voice in its totality solves its own problems with the support of Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc. who is the means of expression and empowerment through which this is accomplished. We believe communicating awareness and influence of the arts to the Latino communities can lead to increased achievement in youth and children while engaging them as strong advocates for equal access to the arts and education. Coaching Latino children arts & culture develops in them focus, purpose and direction while giving them the freedom to express themselves in a safe environment which enables them to learn best when they are in a familiar cultural setting and have higher rates of success. Sustaining culturally approachable arts education focused on Latino youth and children will have a higher regard for themselves and others as well as an increase in their self-esteem.

Youth and children will be able to evaluate for themselves that the world of arts and culture is a positive influence because they can visualize a historical colorful and positive world within their own Latino culture transforming the youth into agents of change inspiring connections to the community and community enhancement. Part of the community engagement is that it enables youths to give order to meaning and create experiences that will empower them and give them a voice which is otherwise ignored.

Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc. is devoted to developing leaders, increase organization capacity and improve the lives of our Latino communities. We believe that connecting public art to raise awareness of a social cause cultivates environmental stewardship along with community engagement in public education. Furthermore, through the appreciation of arts, youth and children can experience harmony, balance and composition together with cultural history and community building. Through our research, we’ve realized that public art projects play an important role in shaping inner-city, strengthening creative partnerships with the public and private sector while encouraging and improving the sustainability of projects and group projects together to maximize public benefit.

Investing in arts as an essential element to community development and well-being speaks to the need to boost up economic development activity while celebrating the story of Latino entrepreneurship, empowerment and economic innovation. Public art projects accustomed to its social, economic and environmental breathing space can set in motion civic dialogue and contribute to inner-city design and the revival of civic infrastructure.

Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc. champions arts and culture to fortify and highlight the identity and social values, unique meaning and character of the Latino community by reinvigorating community character, integrating arts and cultural resources with civic visionary programs.

Public and private investment funding for the arts should include communities and cultural programming, while promoting excellence in Latino arts to foster a variety of economic, social, and physical challenges is part of everyday life and further cultivates and unites our community.


Firm Foundation Leadership Coalition, Inc.: